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Gadah ~

"Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying."

    stop worrying about "What if"

    and start praising "What be"

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    -Look at this.
    -This is you. Rizvan. Who?
    - Yes
    -And this is the person who has a stick in his hand. And he is beating you.
    **lt’s bad.. beating is bad.
    - Yes. lt’s bad.
    -Now, this is you again, Rizvan.
    -And this is the person who has a lollipop. And he gives it to you.

    **Lollipop is sweet. lt’s a good thing.
    **Good boy.
    - Good boy.
    -Now, tell me which one of these is
    a Hindu and which one, a Muslim?
    **Both look alike.
    -Remember one thing, son.
    -There are only two kinds of people in this world.
    -Good people who do good deeds.
    -And bad people who do bad.
    -That’s the only difference in human beings.
    -There’s no other difference. Understood?
    -What did you understand? Tell me. Tell me.

    **Good people. Bad people.
    **No other difference.

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    your meditation room is with “IN”…  ,

    you have to learn to select your thought
     same way to you  select you clothes every day
    thats the power you can  cultivate …

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