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"Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying."


أحتاج اطبع هالكلام واعلقه ع جبيني :)

well said


    أحتاج اطبع هالكلام واعلقه ع جبيني :)

    well said

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    "I hope my absence haunts you."
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    "ما زلت أؤمن أن الإنسان لا يموت دفعة واحدة و إننا نموت بطريقة الأجزاء؛ كلما رحل صديق مات جزء، و كلما غاردنا حبيب مات جزء، و كلما قتل حلم من أحلامنا مات جزء، فيأتى الموت الأكبر ليجد كل الأجزاء ميتة، فيحملها ويرحل"

    جبران خليل جبران

    "I still believe that a human being does not die at once, but in a way, we die in pieces; whenever a friend departs, a piece dies, and whenever a lover leaves, a piece dies, and whenever a dream of our dreams is killed, a piece dies, then finally, the greater death arrives, only to see all our pieces long dead, so he picks them up and departs."

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    فرح 🍭

    فرح 🍭

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    "There will be days when you’ll wish you were numb;
    when you’ll want to rip your heart off your body
    and find something easier to take its place.
    Collect those days like bricks
    and marvel at the buildings you will make.
    Stand on top, chest open, head up—
    Nobody will ever see the world like you do."
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